Noisy Tenants – What recourse do we have?

It’s unheard of to work as a property manager without receiving complaints about noisy neighbours. Noise complaints cover a wide spectrum of grievances, from dogs barking, to party noise at 3am, to a TV being up too loud. Unfortunately, there is no one answer in how to deal with tenants who are frustrating their neighbours….

The Importance of the Right Team

When taking that step to invest in property, there are a lot of people that get involved along the way. Sales agents, leasing consultants, conveyancers, accountants – many of these people are involved in the process before you’ve even purchased! It’s important to know who you are trusting with your money, and ultimately, your investment….

Introducing – The Kitchen GP!

Any property manager worth their salt will tell you that one of the biggest factors in costly repairs to an investment property is neglect. What starts out as a minor issue is quickly dismissed—’it’s only a small crack, nothing to worry about’. This month, we are introducing our investors to Geoff Prior. Geoff has been…

First time Renters – Risk or Opportunity?

When faced with the prospect of letting first time renters into their properties, many property owners feel a sense of apprehension. This is somewhat understandable. When people hear the phrase ‘first time renter’, they often think of a group of high school graduates looking for a party house – free from the governance of parental…

Changes in Investment Lending

The following article was kindly provided by Greg Carroll of MTA Finance. To arrange a finance review contact, or call 07 3849 9822. It has been a testing time for property investors in the last 48 months as lenders have been shifting the goal posts in response to regulatory pressure from the Australian Prudential…