Entry Condition Report








What is an entry condition report?

An Entry Condition Report is an official RTA document that is filled out by both agent and tenant at the start of the tenancy.

It is a thorough checklist which both parties use to document any defects or damage in the property before the tenancy begins. This is a crucial document as it details any pre-existing damage or significant wear to elements of the property, and serves as protection for both parties in the event that they are blamed for something that has occurred during the tenancy.


WHAT IS THE PROCESS IN completing an entry condition report?

Once you have been approved to move into one of our properties, our staff will visit the property and complete the Entry Condition Report (ECR). We carefully inspect the property and check that everything is ready for the tenancy, and mark the condition of the property on the ECR.

When you start your lease, you will be given a copy of the ECR. It will be signed by us as the owner’s representative, and you will be asked to sign it as confirmation that you received it.

It is your responsibility to walk through the property and complete in the Tenants section, any items that you do not agree with. You are required to return the ECR to us within 3 days. If we do not agree with your assessment of the state of the property, we may contact you and make an appointment to visit and go through the report together with you. It is very important at this stage that both Tenant and Agent agree with the report to ensure a smooth vacate at the end of the tenancy.

NOTE: If you do not complete an Entry Condition Report and return it within 3 days, it will be assumed that you are agreeing to abide by our assessment of the property.



The Residential Tenancies Authority has produced an excellent video which takes you through the whole process. We highly advise that you watch this BEFORE you begin your lease. See below.

You can also visit the RTA’s website by clicking here.