Paying Your Rent



Tenancy legislation states that your rent must be paid in advance at all times.

At Solutions Property Management, we follow strict procedures in accordance with the legislation when it comes to monitoring your rent payments. Once your rent falls seven days in arrears, we must begin the eviction process which starts with a Notice to Remedy Breach.

Therefore, if for some reason your rent falls behind, it is imperative that you contact us so we can assist you with a payment plan and you can continue your tenancy.



iPayRent is a secure, cost effective and convenient rent payment solution that enables you to pay your rent in a way that suits you – anytime, anywhere. (This also applies to other payments including bond and excess water.)

By Internet:
By Phone: 1300 724 786
Automated: Scheduled for your convenience (Set the schedule yourself via the website or we can configure this for you)
BPAY: Via your Financial Institution, enter the Biller Code and Reference Number provided
Cash/EFTPOS: Over-the-counter at Australia Post

The service includes your own personal Tenant # and Password so you can log in to the secure website and:

    • • Download a payment history report iPayRent_logo
      • Configure your own payment schedule
      • Set up a one-off forward-dated payment (ideal for holiday times)
      • View your registered bank account or credit card details
$0.80 fee to payments made from your bank account
2.2% fee to payments made from your credit card
$3.00 fee to payments made via BPAY
$4.00 fee to payments made at Australia Post

Please note due to banking processing times, iPayRent funds do not clear into our bank account immediately. It takes 4 business days for all iPayRent payments to clear into our account. Please factor this into your payments.

How to get Started
  1. Complete the iPayRent Service Request Form and return it to our office via email or post.
  2. We enter your details into the system
  3. You receive an email with your log-in details
  4. You make your first payment.



Click here for a handy User Guide.



If you would like us to action any changes, please fill out the following forms and return to us:

Change of Account Details

One-Off Payments

iPayRent Cancellation Form