Reporting Maintenance


All non-urgent maintenance requests must be made in WRITING to our office, and Solutions Property Management makes this easy for you.

When logging maintenance please give as best description of the issue, make and model (if an appliance, air conditioner etc) and attach a photo if possible. Please also limit your requests to one issue per request form. This enables your Property Manager to attend to each issue separately.

Advise us of your instructions regarding arranging access so that we can process your request quickly and our tradespeople can schedule your job in. The quickest way to have repairs attended to is by allowing access for the tradespeople. You can do so by giving authority to use the agency’s keys to enable the required Tradesperson to access the property.

Please note that if you make a time to meet at the property with a tradesperson and you don’t show up, you will be responsible for paying the call-out fee. Our tradespeople work hard and they need to be paid for their time.




1. ONLINE – Click on the button to take you to our Tenant Maintenance Portal


2. APP – Download our free Tenant Maintenance Reporting App (designed for smart phones and tablets)

For information about this convenient reporting system please read our MAINTENANCE MANAGER TENANT INFORMATION BROCHURE

Download on the App Store

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3. PAPER FORM – Download and print the following FORM, fill it out and send to our office by post or email:

» Maintenance Request Form [PDF]


The only form of maintenance that will be dealt with over the phone is an “emergency”, as qualified under the Residential Tenancies Act.
Please call our office on 07 3888 0098 and the matter will be dealt with immediately.



If you experience an emergency maintenance issue after hours or on public holidays, we have trusted suppliers who are available on call.

Please refer to the following form for Procedures and Contacts. This form was given to you in your Tenant Welcome Pack.
» After Hours Emergency Repairs Procedure

You can also place an emergency request via the ONLINE PORTAL or the APP (see above).

PLEASE NOTE – you must ensure that your request is in fact an EMERGENCY. If you call out a tradesperson, and the problem is deemed to not be an emergency, you may be responsible for the call-out fee.