Safety Compliance

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….Because the safety of your tenants

and your financial security

are too important to gamble with….


Ensuring your property is safe for your tenants is not only the right thing to do – it is the law.

Queensland Legislation dictates that all rental properties must be safe places for tenants to live, and property Owners must take all possible steps to ensure this.

Furthermore, the Legislation prescribes certain precautionary measures concerning rental properties that are not necessarily requirements for owner/occupied properties.


Smoke Alarms, Safety Switches & Window Cords


Current Legislation dictates that all rental properties must have working smoke alarms and safety switches, and internal window coverings must meet safety requirements.

We are pleased to advise that the large number of properties under our management has enabled us to negotiate on behalf of our Owners an exceptional deal with two very trusted and reliable compliance service companies.

These companies are:

Complied Australia (for Northside properties)

Major Compliance (for Southside properties)

Both companies employ licensed technicians to ensure the smoke alarms, safety switches, and internal window coverings at your property comply with legislation.

For one low annual fee, they will visit your property as many times as required by legislation. We encourage all our Owner clients to enroll in this system, and automatically renew their registration annually.

At each visit, the contractor will provide the following service:



  • Carry out smoke alarm maintenance
  • Carry out installations at the time of inspection when required.
  • Only install PHOTOELECTRIC alarms.
  • Change batteries at no charge.
  • Carry out all other standard testing methods.



  • Ascertain safety switch compliance.
  • (Note – There is no legal requirement placed upon landlords to TEST the safety switch before or during a tenancy. This involves tripping the safety switch causing potential damage to tenant’s electrical devices, interruption to tenant’s appliances that may be on timers – eg. assisted breathing machines, expensive fish or reptile enclosures, swimming pools, computer hardware etc – and general unnecessary disruption to tenants.)



  • Check all window coverings to ensure they meet new legislative requirements.
  • Attach safety/warning labels/tags to cords as required.
  • Attach child safety units and cord guides.
  • Measure and cut cords and re-join to comply with the legislation.
  • If they cannot make the property compliant they will arrange a quote through an independent window covering specialist and send through to us to forward to you.
  • Attach metal safety join connectors as required.


If you choose to NOT take advantage of this excellent service and agree to personally take on the responsibility of safety compliance at your investment property, you must sign the OPT-OUT form below.

Please note that we do not take on any properties that do not meet compliance standards.

Safety Compliance OPT-OUT Form (PDF)




Outdoor pools and spas at all rental properties must be fenced according to strict safety standards. All pool fences must be checked and certified by a licensed pool fence safety inspector and registered with the Queensland Government. This certificate must be renewed every two years.

Solutions Property Management will take care of this on your behalf and send out a contractor to ensure your pool fence is compliant.

For more detailed information:

Queensland Government Website Page – Pool Safety.

Pool Safety Brochure