Tenant Insurance

risk diceMoving to your new home, there is so much to think about… You have arranged a removalist…. connection of utilities… mail re-direction….. but what about INSURANCE??

Tenants should be aware that the Landlord’s Insurance does not cover the tenants’ belongings in the case of loss or theft, and they should definitely look into taking out their own insurance.


Not Just For Contents….


Most people think contents insurance means you are only covered for items such as your clothing, furniture, electrical items, portable items etc. This is somewhat true, but there are additional benefits that most people aren’t aware of.

Additional cost of temporary accommodation will cover you for any cost incurred to live away from your residence in case the property is inhabitable due to a loss. For example, if there was a fire, flood, storm or power outage and you couldn’t live in the home, it’s your responsibility to find accommodation, not the property owner. If you have a contents policy, most premium insurers will cover you up to 12 months accommodation until your residence is made livable. You can also receive up to $500 a day for accommodation for your pets in some cases with certain insurers.

Other great features of a contents policy are replacement for new for old, protection for portable items such as your iPhone, Laptops & Jewellery pieces (even outside of Australia) and liability protection. You can be protected anywhere in the world from having to pay hefty compensation for injury to other people or damage to their property where you are legally liable for up to $20 million.


Need More Information?


Ben is an Insurance Broker who specialises in insurance for rental properties, and he will be happy to assist you. Ben can advise you on the best policy for your budget and needs. He can also arrange monthly payments.

ben@corpsure.net.au  /  ph 0457 190 120.