Water Charges

As of 1st July the water utility companies have adjusted their fee structure. See below for new fees.

It is important to remember that the ‘fixed’ fees are the Lessor’s costs and only water USAGE costs can be passed onto the tenants.

For those with properties in the Moreton Bay Region, there is some good news. UnityWater has lowered its fixed access fees for water and sewerage, saving property owners $102.08 annually.

For most of our managed properties, reasonable water usage is included in the rent and tenants are responsible for paying EXCESS water. The level at which water is deemed to be excess has been set at Tier 2; therefore if you see on your water bill that usage has gone into the Tier 2 level, please send in your bill to admin@solutionsproperty and we will invoice the tenant for you. Remember that they have one month to pay.

You will notice that UnityWater has adjusted the Tier levels, and Tier 2 takes effect from 75kl (up from 70kl). This may be of concern to some Lessors; however, it is important to note that 5kl of water at Tier 1 amounts to just $15.40 per quarter.

When it comes to water usage, property owners need to look at the big picture. Most tenants these days are very water conscious and use half of the allowable amount. This equates to just $10 per week, which is factored into the rent price. If we find that the tenant’s water usage is consistently in the higher end of the allowable amount, we can raise the rent at the end of the lease.