Welcome to the Solutions Property Management Pet Application Form

This form is for a current Tenant who wishes to receive approval to have their pet live at their rental property.

If you live with others, you will be required to list their names. and sign on behalf of any and all tenants living at the property where the pet will be living. It is also important that they be aware of the terms and conditions before agreeing.

Before continuing, please ensure that you have a current photo of your pet if possible, as well as all relevant council registration information.

Pet Application Form

A form for tenants to provide information regarding their pets that will be residing at the property.
  • Property & Tenant Details

  • First NameLast Name 
  • Pet Details

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, .
  • NOTE:In the event that you are not able to obtain a photo of your pet (for example, if you have not yet taken ownership), please include a photo of a similar breed and size.

  • Emergency Pet Carer Details

  • Terms and Conditions

  • The Tenant/s acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:

    1. The Lessor has agreed to permit pet/s at the premises as specified in the General Tenancy Agreement and this Pet Agreement.

    2. Any pet other than the approved pet/s specified in the General Tenancy Agreement and this Pet Agreement must first be requested by Tenant/s in writing giving full details and then be approved in writing by the Lessor PRIOR to the pet/s being allowed onto the premises. Pet approval may be subject to specific criteria and must be complied with. Approval is NOT guaranteed.

    3. The Tenant shall be liable for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by the pets on the Property, whether they are the pet of a Tenant or guest, Tenant’s pets or their guests pets and regardless of their approval status.

    4. The Tenant accepts full responsibility and indemnifies the Lessor for any claims by or injuries to third parties or their Property caused by, or as result of actions by their pet/s or their guests pet/s, and regardless of their approval status.

    5. The Tenant agrees to arrange for Flea Fumigation at the end of the tenancy or at a time during the tenancy as required or requested by the Lessor / Lessor’s Agent to be carried out by a Company complying with Australian standards.

    6. The pet is to be outside at all times, unless specified otherwise in the General Tenancy Agreement or this Pet Agreement.

    7. By signing below you are only asking for approval of the above-mentioned pet to be accepted at the property for which you are applying.

  • I, the above pet's owner, and on behalf of all other tenants residing at the specified property, submit this pet application understanding the terms and conditions set out above, and acknowledge that all of the information provided above is correct to the best of my knowledge